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What is SVAR Test? Is it similar to Versant English Test?

The AMCAT SVAR Test measures a candidate’s spoken English competence using a variety of tools. The AMCAT SVAR test pattern, question kinds, skills evaluated, and crucial exam-winning advice are covered in this article.

Companies specifically use the AMCAT SVAR Test to find applicants for positions requiring fluency in spoken English. for instance, in customer success teams or call centres. For that particular position, communication is an essential skill.

The AMCAT SVAR test instrument rates the following abilities.

  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency
  • Intonation
  • Listening
  • Language anticipation
  • Spoken English
  • Comprehension of the language.

The following technologies are used by AMCAT SVAR to thoroughly assess a candidate’s English proficiency.The test complies with global standards for assessment dependability. The evaluation shows a correlation of over 0.95 with human raters, which is a match.

Automatically identify grammatical, structural, and content mistakes in natural language

Deep learning for reliable speech transcription for different accents in speech recognition

Fluency and pronunciation will be accurately graded using machine learning-based propriety models.

AMCAT SVAR Test Pattern

AMCAT SVAR Test comprises of 6 sections. Each section is carefully designed to test the candidate’s ability with higher accuracy.

SectionDifficulty Level
Listening DeductionsDifficult
Error IdentificationDifficult
  • Total Duration of the Test: 16 – 20 mins
  • Total Number of Questions: 45 mins

The AMCAT SVAR Test is a telephone based test. A candidate can attend from home or in case of on-campus placements, AMCAT portal can be used. Connect a headphone and make a call to the number that is given in the computer allotted.

First Section: Reading – SAVAR TEST FIRST SECTION

The AMCAT SVAR Reading section assesses a candidate’s accuracy and fluency in reading. These actions require the following steps to be taken.

Through the AMCAT portal, a group of sentences is sent to the candidate’s registered email address.

The candidate must read the sentences aloud in response to buzzer prompts once the test has started.

12 total questions were asked.


Avoid keeping the microphone too close because it can pick up your breathing, which would lower your score.

Read informally. Avoid getting tense or overly concerned with your pronunciation. Stuttering might result from this.

Make sure you practise reading a few sentences to verify your pronunciation before the test.


Your ability to listen and repeat the sentences back is tested in the listening part.

We’ll read the sentences one after the other.

The applicant must listen and repeat the sentences accurately and flawlessly.

Only the first sentence will be read aloud.

A sentence typically has 30 to 40 words.

10 total questions were asked.


Make sure you’re in a quiet place so you can pay close attention. As much as you can, try to concentrate because the sentences won’t be repeated.

If there was a sentence that you weren’t sure you understood, try to construct a sentence using the words you heard. Even if you don’t get a perfect score, you will still get some credit.

Listening deductions in Section 3

Your ability to understand a discussion and make logical deductions is tested in the listening deduction portion.

It will play a discussion between two or more persons.

The candidate must pay close attention to the dialogue.

Based on the dialogue, a series of questions will be put out.

A candidate is supposed to respond to the questions based on their comprehension of the dialogue.


The discourse will primarily be situation-based. And the circumstances frequently take place in a workplace setting. For instance, a manager and customer discussing a product question.

It is advised to keep a notepad nearby to capture key notes from the chat.


The grammar proficiency of a candidate is evaluated in the grammar section.

There will be a question with 4 possible answers.

The candidate must select the appropriate, grammatically correct sentence.


The selections are only read once, so pay close attention as you listen.

Make a note of the option number on a notebook whenever you decide which option is accurate. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the other choices.

Section 5: Identifying Errors – SAVAR TEST IDENTIFYING ERRORS

You will be given a collection of sentences and asked to identify the errors in them in the AMCAT SVAR Test’s error detection part.

To perform well on this section, you must concentrate and pay close attention while listening.

The question about synonyms and antonyms may occasionally be asked in this section. Therefore, it is advised to be ready for such inquiries.


The speaking portion of the exam assesses a candidate’s proficiency in organising and expressing thoughts in English.

A subject is provided. The topic’s name is stated twice.

The candidate is given 30 seconds to reflect on the subject.

The following 45 seconds must be spent by the contender speaking on the subject.


Keep a notepad nearby to make notes about the points you want to make regarding the assigned topic.

Make an effort to break up your remarks logically.

Savar test live recorded videos || Versant English Placement test live recorded videos || AMCAT SVAR Test Pattern

Savar test live recorded videos || Versant English Placement test live recorded videos || AMCAT SVAR Test Pattern