How is light harmful? What is light pollution and why is it a problem | What is the main cause of light pollution । How is light pollution harmful to humans

How is light harmful? What is light pollution and why is it a problem | What is the main cause of light pollution । How is light pollution harmful to humans

Till now we had heard or read about air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution but Do you know that light also causes pollution? What are the causes and prevention measures of light pollution, complete information

What is light pollution? | What is light pollution and why is it a problem

When the amount of light from artificial sources in the environment becomes so much that it starts having negative effects on nature, then it is called light pollution. Light pollution not only affects the human species, but also adversely affects plant growth and animal reproduction. Light pollution is also known as luminous pollution or photo pollution.

Unwanted light coming from the window can disturb your sleeping environment. Due to which headaches, fatigue during work, stress, obesity due to lack of sleep and such glare affect the eyes with increasing age. Such as difficulty in recognizing colors, night blindness, permanent blindness may also occur.

How is light pollution harmful to humans

Therefore light pollution is a serious issue for human health and ecosystem. In 2016, the World Atlas of Night Sky Brightness observed the globe at night, available online to see how and where the atlas shines at night. Vast regions of North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia were lit with light, while only the most remote regions on Earth (Siberia, the Sahara and the Amazon) were in complete darkness. The most light polluted countries in the world are Singapore, Qatar and Kuwait. Most of the light produced on Earth comes from inventions made by humans. For example, automobiles, street lights or electric lightbulbs never allow the earth to darken before dawn or after dusk. In such a situation, if China makes its own moon, then the trees, plants, animals and even humans living there will not be able to sleep peacefully. Well, we will discuss about its side effects further, now you know what are the types of light pollution and what are their sources?

Sources and types of light pollution. Types of light pollution

light pollution: There are four other kinds of light pollution: glare, clutter, and light trespass skyglow. Glare is excessive brightness that can cause visual discomfort (for example, when driving). Clutter is bright, confusing, and excessive groupings of light sources (for example, Times Square in New York City, New York).
Improper or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife and the climate. Light pollution can be of the following types.

The components of light pollution include:

  • Glare: Excessive glare that hinders visibility.
  • Skyglow: The glow of the night sky in residential areas.
  • Light trespass: Light falling to a place where it is not needed.
  • Clutter: A bright, confused, and excessive grouping of light sources.
  • How is light pollution harmful to humans. What is the main cause of light pollution

    due to light pollution Light pollution is only a man-made problem, as it is caused only by human activities. There is no comparable natural cause of light pollution.

    What is the main cause of light pollution

    Here are the main causes of light pollution.
    bad planning for installation of light
    Installation of signage and street lights is done by engineers, and if they do not take into account the effect of their placement on the surrounding environment, it can cause glare, light trespass and light up. Chances of creating chaos increase.
    irresponsible use of light
    On many festivals, people like to have lights, but even after the work is over, this light keeps on burning all night, which encourages light pollution. In this way a huge amount of energy is also wasted, which was used in the manufacture of this light.
    Due to Population causes light pollution
    Increasing population is already a serious problem. People live in groups in the tiny houses of slums in cities like Mumbai, so every neighbor is bothered by the lanterns or electric lights there. It's really a zoning and exposure issue.
    excessive use of light
    An important cause of light pollution is the excessive use of electric lighting. Electricity has become very cheap over time. In such a situation, people do not pay much attention to the consumption of electricity. And by over-exploitation they destroy both themselves and nature at the same time.
    mist and clouds
    From this you can understand how subtle the problem of light pollution is. Due to air pollution, smog and clouds cover the cities, when the light of the cities hits these clouds, it is reflected back to the earth. And a faint light shines all around. This light light is very harmful for trees, plants, animals, birds.
    Lights from cars and other motor vehicles
    Light from cars and other vehicles contributes to the problem of light pollution, especially at night. Vehicle lights flash quite brightly without many other light sources. Where people live near roads with high traffic density, car lights have a very bad effect on people's sleep.
    Street lamp
    Street lamps too close to homes and houses can also cause light pollution and affect people and nature. Apart from this, lighting neighbors' lights in nearby houses also cause light pollution.
    Garage lamps or welding lights can be an additional source of light pollution, whose light can reach nearby homes and affect people,
    other sources
    For marketing, big banners are often put up in high places, which shine with light. Not only this, the shops running in long queues also decorate themselves with lights. Night lighting of all kinds can have an adverse effect on people, and therefore provide light.

    Do LED lights cause light pollution?

    Many LED lights emit a blue short wavelength light that scatters easily into the atmosphere, which causes eyestrain, impairs night vision and adds to light pollution.

    Where does light pollution occur

    Light pollution is a side effect of industrial civilization. Its sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial properties, offices, factories, streetlights, and illuminated sporting venues.

    How is light harmful?

    Exposure to light at night while awake, such as in shift work, may be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and also cause sleep, gastrointestinal, mood and cardiovascular disorders. However, these effects are due disruption of the natural circadian rhythm, regardless of the type of illumination.