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How to crack Step plus Assessment

Step plus assessment live recorded videos | step plus assessment Questions pdf
Step plus assessment Videos Step plus assessment question pdf

What is step plus

Step plus exam is nothing more than just a common English.If you are good at basic English grammar if you can speak English then for sure you will clear this exam. You don't have to be master of English to pass this. There are 3 attempts of the exam. If you are fail in first attempt nothing to worry there is two more chances.

How to clear step plus Assessment? | How to crack step plus assessment

As the whole exam is divided into 4 section with a timer you need to answer each and every question before the given time and it will be frustrating if you miss the timeline of one or more question. STEP Plus Assessment contains four section listening, speaking, reading, and Writing skills of an individual. Detailed reports help identify their areas of strength and improvement.

Here is All About Step Plus Assessment

Standard Test of English for Professionals

A 52-minute, online test evaluating key Business English Skills

Detailed feedback on strengths and weaknesses provided

Test is adaptive to ensure the most efficient assessment of skill level

Results are correlated to CEFR and GlobalEnglish levels

Native language support is available for instructions and site messaging in 14 different languages

Step plus assessment result

Speaking section is scored by English language experts, and results will be available within 2 to 3 working days

Step plus assessment live recorded video

Here are some step plus live recorded videos which may help you to understand step plus assessment better and also it will help to understand which types of question are asked in step plus assessment

step plus assessment video - 2

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Team help me to clear this assessment please..
Suryawanshi Rahul vyankatrao
Question and answer
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Question and answer
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Thanks so much... For this website.. This site help us to prepare for the exam in less time .
Useful information
Useful information
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Neha Ajay Mhala
Actually only 4 days to prepare for Step Plus. These kind of videos helps a lot in such short time
It's lot of helped me to clear the step Plus assesment

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